Choosing the Perfect Ring for Your Valentine

Choosing the Perfect Ring for Your Valentine
Valentine’s Day is beautiful in itself. A day filled with breathtaking small moments like red roses, chocolates, candlelit dinners, beautiful sunsets, and starry skies, and if you’re taking this ideal occasion to ask for that special someone’s hand in marriage, what better than making it truly unforgettable with a gleaming, long-lasting diamond ring’.

While the rest of the world is searching markets for that perfect Valentine’s gift, you and your partner are ready to express those deepest sentiments to one another and the rest of the world with the most lovable, valuable and meaningful gifts you will ever possess. Only from Kanchanpushp Diamond Jewellery Showroom, the best diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik

Find a  radiant diamond ring, as radiant and shiny as your bond! 


But why choose diamonds in the first place?

More than just a classic choice, diamonds are considered a universal symbol of love, commitment, devotion and loyalty.

Plus, diamonds are said to be the strongest and the most durable gems that can withstand wear and tear for a longer period of time. 

This eternal nature of the stone, easy combination with metals, the fantastic look and shine, and the neutral colour give diamonds a truly luxuries appeal in a most practical way. 


How to find a perfect diamond ring for your Valentine?

Hunting for that ‘perfect’ diamond ring? Get it from the best diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik! 

 Looking for these pointers can benefit you! 

    • Consider your partner’s style: Consider your partner’s taste and preferences, and observe their current jewellery collection. Do they prefer classic or contemporary designs or are they looking for a more traditional or vintage approach? 
    • Proper fit is crucial: The correct size not only looks better on the finger but is also comfortable to wear. Accurate ring measurement is crucial. Sneak into their existing ring collection, and get help from their family and friends to help you get the size just right.
  • Gemstone or diamond? Would your partner opt for classic diamonds or colourful gemstones? Know your partner’s tastes to explore both options. 


  • The Material: Know the different materials such as gold, silver, platinum and titanium used to craft your beautiful ring. Choosing the material will give you an idea of your budget and the ultimate look of your ring. 


  • Add a personal touch: Adding a personalized touch adds meaning to your ring, may it be the ‘special phrase,’ your initials, a date or anything that is special for the both of you. 


Pro Tip: If unsure about the combination, silver is always the safe choice! 

Valentine’s rings always have a popular choice, here’s a look at some of the best-known.


Solitaire Rings:

– Simplicity at its best. Understated, Best for those looking for something elegant and not too flashy.

-Timeless, classic, never go out of fashion. These rings go on both, whether you are wearing formal or casual. 


Promise Rings

– A perfect expression of love and affection.

– Signified as a ring of promise, dedication and commitment.

– Subtle yet makes its mark as a part of an engagement or wedding proposal.


Heart Rings

– Unique, heart-shaped rings help you stand out from the crowd.

– Heart rings are the universal symbol of love. They signify you love and cherish your partner.

– Never go out of style, the epitome of classic romance and everlasting love. 


Show you care! 

No doubt diamonds are quite costly gifts, but they also show your partner that you value them above anything else. Purchase that one-of-a-kind diamond ring for your one-of-a-kind love! 

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