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Founded in June 2019, Kanchanpushp is a trusted gem and jewelry brand. Guided by GIA-trained gemologists, our team values the finer aspects of gems, symbolizing unbreakable bonds in your cherished moments.


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Buy Back Policy
Certified Jewellery
Happy Customers
Lifetime Warranty

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Bhairavi Burad

India’s Miss TGPC Season 1 Winner

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Miss India Multinational 2019

Shriya Torne

Miss Earth India Eco Tourism 20

Set In Your Fingers; These Beautiful Rings, So Delicate And Witness An Ever-Shining Sparkle!

With an array of beautiful designs and exquisite variations, we have over more than 100 rings at our diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik. The rings; come with variations in diamonds and gemstones, which best suits your daily style, traditions, occasions, weddings and engagements.

Engagement rings: The engagement ring symbolizes a promise of marriage, and your wedding band solidifies this promise. Explore our eye-catching collection of engagement rings and bands at our jewellery showroom in Nashik, where each creation is beautifully unique and forms a cluster with different tastes of the diamond.

Everyday style rings: Feel royal, feel unique, and feel the embodiment of luxury with the fashion rings; carved to perfection for your daily elegance and beauty at work or home. Shop online at our jewellery showroom in Nashik for the embedded stars in the form of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or other precious and semi-precious gems.

Men’s rings: Each piece from this collection will be a unique addition to any man’s wardrobe. Accentuate your style quotient with the perfect balance of class and smartness. Done these timeless pieces of jewellery with great ease from our exclusive collection at the best jewellery showroom in Nashik.

Women’s rings: Gold and diamonds fuse to form the exquisite piece for the ever-shining beauty of every woman. Each diamond represents all there is charismatic, enigmatic and desirable about you, painstakingly placed to reflect the sunshine of every women’s soul. Explore our wide range of women’s rings at our jewellery showroom in Nashik.

Gemstone rings: The range of gemstone rings at our diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik; comes with different combinations of precious and semi-precious stones. Adorn these pieces of heavenly treasures, symbolizing your birthstones. Check our wide range of rubies, tourmalines, amethyst, sapphires, etc. at our jewellery showroom in Nashik.

An extensive range of diamonds transformed into extraordinary jewels by the artisans truly speaks to your upscale class. Carved meticulously, set in the metal color of rose gold, yellow, white, white yellow defines the curative cuts of diamond such as round, princess, emerald, oval, marquise, pears, round, etc. Visit our diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik to explore these curative cuts and precious metals.
A plethora of cushions and baguettes are the precious stone shapes! Add to your jewellery box these delicate pieces of joy. You can find a ring of every size without any worries. Our team at the best jewellery showroom in Nashik will connect with you to confirm the ring size after placing the order.
There’s never enough jewellery for a girl to have. So shop your hearts out from our extensive collection of diamonds and gems online at our diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik!

Ancient Jewelry Collection

Light in weight   ·   14 Karat gold   ·   Opal

Arquiteqtura Jewelry Collection

Adjustable   ·   18 Karat gold   ·   Hand-crafted

Exuberant Jewelry Collection

19 Karat gold   ·   Pink Opal   ·   Made with love


beautiful long earrings with opal and carnelian earrings are light in weight.

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