How To Pick Wedding Jewellery That’ll Complement Your Wedding Dress?

How To Pick Wedding Jewellery That'll Complement Your Wedding Dress?

When it comes to your wedding day, every detail matters. From the venue to flowers, theme, and your wedding attire. Everything holds a sentimental value as a cherished memento. So why not your jewellery? 

The right jewellery can add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and charm to your overall look in a snap.

Looking for something that’ll complement your wedding dress flawlessly or an exquisite wedding collection? Traditional diamond designs, vintage diamonds, or classic collections with a touch of twist. Get your dream designs at the best diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik, Kanchanpushp – World Class Gems & Jewels.

Are you exploring the latest bridal jewellery designs? We’re here to offer valuable tips to help you make a stunning statement on your big day.

  • Understand Your Dress Style

Before diving into the diamond jewellery options, understand your wedding dress style. Whether you opt for a traditional saree, a lehenga, a contemporary gown, or a chic fusion outfit, the neckline, silhouette, and overall design are vital in determining the jewellery that complements it best.

For sarees consider a statement or a layered diamond necklace with precious gemstones. The neckline of your blouse dictates the necklace style – opt for a choker for a high neckline or a longer necklace for a deep V-neck blouse.

For lehengas, your jewellery shouldn’t be overpowering, the optimal balance is a must. Try Maang Tikka, Jhumkas, and a statement necklace or a sleek pendant they can work wonders.

  • Neckline Dictates Necklace

For necklines like V-neck, sweetheart, or off-shoulder, consider a statement necklace or a sleek pendant to accentuate the neck. A Kundan or Polki diamond choker can add a regal touch to your look. Meanwhile, if your dress features a high neck or a heavily embellished neckline, opt for elegant studs or dainty earrings to strike a balance.

  • The Size and style of Earrings 

The style and size of your earrings should harmonize with your hairstyle and face shape. Dangling diamond earrings can beautifully complement an updo, while chandelier earrings or hoops may suit those with longer hair left open. For a minimalist yet elegant attire, studs or drops work wonders.

  • Redefined Mangalsutra Designs

The significance of mangalsutra in Indian weddings is profound. At Kanchanpushp – World Class Gems & Jewels, we redefine tradition with our exquisite diamond mangalsutra design in Nashik. Our collection merges heritage with contemporary aesthetics, and you can wear it daily. 

One contemporary option is a simple single-chain mangalsutra with a small diamond pendant. It adds a modern touch to the traditional design. If you wish for black beads, you can opt for designs where only a few black beads are present in the front and back of mangalsutra. This way, your mangalsutra can go on almost every look.

  • Wedding Rings

Explore the best diamond wedding rings in Nashik at Kanchanpushp – World Class Gems & Jewels, where each ring reflects your distinct personality and speaks directly to your soul—the one you’ve always dreamed of! 

From classic or gorgeous big stone rigs to quirkier collections and more, we’ve got a collection for every bride-to-be. The only thing you need to remember is not to get caught by the jewellery trend. The rest, it’s your pick! 

  • Try Before You Buy

Before finalizing your wedding jewellery, try it on with your dress. It’ll ensure that the pieces not only match the outfit but also blend seamlessly with your overall bridal look.

At Kanchanpushp – World Class Gems & Jewels, we pride ourselves on being the best diamond jewellery showroom in Nashik, offering a diverse range of timeless and contemporary diamond pieces that’ll be cherished for generations to come. Ready to add a little sparkle to your fairytale wedding with the finest diamonds? Check out

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