Colored Gemstones Guide

Colored Gemstones Guide

Gemstones are nature’s gift to humankind. Their beauty, rarity and durability enchant the human race throughout history. These gemstones date back to ancient civilizations.

These coloured gemstones are used in jewellery pieces to enhance their beauty and add some shine to our daily lives. Coloured gems are a worthy complement to our entire look with their special and outstanding properties.

1. Gemstones – Some Stories

Archaeological sites dating back 20,000 years hold great evidence of the presence of gemstones. Their vibrant colours, unusual shapes, and alluring beauty often got associated with some myths and legends. It was believed that aquamarines could calm the roughest seas and rubies could cure poison. These olden tales find their place in today’s world too. Such fables (as some may want to call them) add great mystery to these enticing pieces of nature.

2. Your Type

Choosing your type of gemstone will solely depend on how frequently you wish to wear your jewellery. A lot would depend on the durability of the gemstone in question. Gemstones with high durability are ideal for daily wear. Some gems meant for special occasions, like pearls, often are delicate and can get scratched easily by other objects. Mohs Scale of Hardness will help you assess the resistance of minerals.

3. Top Picks for You
  • Sapphire Being the second hardest mineral on Earth, Sapphires are highly durable. Though common as Blue Sapphires, they are available in vibrant hues as yellows, oranges, purples, and pinks.
    Sapphires used in our jewelry are totally natural with great quality, newness and freshness.
  • Aquamarine Aquamarines attract you with their calm, watery blue-green hue and transparency. Their lustre and sparkles make them a great alternative to diamonds on special occasions like engagement and weddings.
  • Opal The iridescent play of colors defines Opal. Unlike other gemstones, Opal are not crystalized. They are fragile and unusual as they are formed from hardened silica gel. Opal also gets affected by changes in temperature. They must be stored and worn with care.
  • Ruby Known for their rich color and regal look, Rubies have been a first choice among Royalty. They have a great resilience, hence they make an ideal stone to be worn on a daily basis. They range from vibrant orange-red to more purple hues.
  • Pearl Pearls are world’s oldest precious stones formed by a living organism. They have been people’s favorite since centuries. If properly taken care of, it is a stunning choice of jewelry in any form.
  • Emerald The most vibrant and enchanting greens created by nature is Emerald. Traditionally cut into the shape of emerald to emphasize their color. An ideal choice for all sorts of jewelry and occasions, they need a little more care as compared to other harder wearing stones.
  • Amethyst If you are absolutely enchanted with the color purple, Amethyst is the best choice for your special occasion. Amethyst is composed of quartz. It is often used in rings and other decorative jewelry as it is hard and holds pretty well. Affordable and easily available, Amethyst comes fairly in budget. Ranges from a light pinkish-violet to a deep, bold purple.
  • Topaz Topaz comes in various colors, but it is popularly known for its yellow-orange color. Topaz is naturally colorless and takes up a color when exposed to foreign elements. Yellow-orange Topaz is easier to find in the market and hence not as expensive as the Blue Topaz.
  • Citrine As opposed to Topaz, Citrine does not have many color variations. It ranges from light yellow to a deeper brown-orange color.
  • Garnet Garnet can be found widespread, all over the world. Red Garnets are popular, though some rare greens and colors in between are also available. Many Garnets are cut into standard shapes and found in all sizes, some varieties are rare in large sizes.

The above mentioned coloured gemstones also have a great significance as birthstones.

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